Don’t Tread On Me Flag


This beautifully made Gadsden Rustic Wood American Flag is made to order right here in Oregon by Marine and Army veterans. Make a lasting impression with someone by presenting this as a gift at a going away, hail and farewell, or retirement party, or buy it for yourself to hang up in your own home or office.

Available Add-ons

Coin Holder

You can also add coin holders to your custom flag. Choose how many you would like to add below.

14×24 flags have room for one coin.
All larger flag sizes can hold up to 5 coins


Comes with backings to allow you to hang immediately.

All our products are made from locally sourced wood, and undergo a very specific process to give it that beautiful, distressed and weathered appearance.

With a variety of sizes to choose from you can make a lasting impression that can either be a personal gift to show your appreciation, or a large dominating presence that demands attention.

Available sizes
11×18 inches

All orders are sealed and can be hung up inside or outside.


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