Completely Customized Veteran’s Flag Display


If you have a veteran in your life, he or she is either the easiest person to shop for, or the hardest person to shop for. After the music stops, some of us become motivated as hell and go out of their way to talk about their time in the service, or they fade into the shadows cloaking their time away from home in secrecy. We can also be pretty high maintenance. For example, a Marine might be part of the 1st Marine Division, but his pride is in the time he spent with a specific company in a specific battalion. Each of these units has it’s own logo, sayings, colors, and such. If you present your veteran with something that is specific to their time with that particular unit, you just might see trinkets and medals come out of storage boxes and become a center piece of their den or man cave. The best part about this, is it makes them remember who they once were and the attributes that made them special, however long ago that was.

Available Add-ons



Package includes,

(1) 21×35 inch rustic wooden flag with the following attributes.

– Display Shelf
– Challenge Coin Shelves
– Combination of Both Display Shelf and Challenge Coin Shelves.
– Custom Unit Logo
– Choice of different color schemes
– Specific Service logo painted in black behind the stars of the union.


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