Blog update and did someone say RAFFLE???

large pledge

A few weeks ago I asked a question on one of my social media pages about the connection between PTSD and low energy levels. What I got was over 55 pages of research on the subject and a huge dose of humility. While reading everything that was recommended to me and doing a lot of self-exploration, I came to one conclusion so far. My strengths are most surely my biggest weakness in this arena. I’ll share that in my next post but for now, I wanted to try something new.

As I stated in my first post, I will be starting a non-profit in the very near future that will be aimed at taking veterans in southern Oregon and Northern California on guided hikes, fishing, hunting, and camping trips. While this dream is going to take some time to develop, I would like to get the ball rolling now. I figure that it will be another 3 or 4 years before I can run it full time, but better to get a foundation established sooner than that. (Besides, I still need to think of a name for it.)

I’ve decided to raffle one of my flags off to start with. The money raised for this particular campaign will be used to register the non-profit and fund a group of around 20 local veterans on a hiking trip through the Redwood forest of Jedidiah Smith State Park. It will cover the costs of renting a couple of vans, gas, snacks and a meal for the group on the way home. I would like to be able to offer pretty much everything these guys and gals will need to have a great time at no cost to them. Future trips will probably be funded in a similar fashion and I will have similar flags up for grabs.

The raffle tickets will sell for $5.00 each with no limit per person. I will assign a number to each person based on how many tickets they purchase and make a video with a random number generator. Just click on the payment button and subscribe to the blog.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and if you can’t help out, please share.

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