About Us

Dollar Mountain Woodworks is a veteran-owned and operated company that makes high quality, customized rugged wooden flags.

We take the guesswork out of selecting the perfect gift for your loved one. We specialize in customized wooden flags for our nation’s veterans and their families. 

Dollar Mountain Woodworks builds customized rustic wooden flags that are made right here in the U.S. by veterans and are shipped around the world. 

Our employees are involved in all aspects of the business. That’s marketing, order procurement, building, painting, and shipping. That means that these men and women can take this experience and add it to their resume, enabling them to grow exponentially as the business grows.  Besides the benefits of learning all of the facets of running a small business, our employees are also learning crucial skills that can be found readily in art therapy. 

At Dollar Mountain Woodworks, we don’t just make run of the mill, standard American flags. We make over 50 variations of our nation’s flag, as well as a combination of others. We allow our artists to blend these symbols as they see fit by following the grain of the wood that they become intimately familiar with. By giving them that freedom of movement, we are left with amazing results such as you see here.

One of the benefits of our flags, in regards to gifts for the veteran in your life, is quite simply the fact that they are made by veterans.  As such we can help them design the perfect piece to tell their own unique story. We can take the guesswork out of selecting the perfect gift for you or your loved one, and for less than the price of a tattoo, or a day at the spa, you can have a fully customized piece of art that is sure to attract attention for years to come.

Our mission is not just to employ veterans, but each and every member of our team is also an instrumental piece in a veteran not-for-profit foundation.  We started the Mind and Purpose Project in 2019 and it and centers on hosting mindfulness meditation workshops for veterans and their families. We have held several events already and while we primarily focus on meditation workshops, our secondary goal is to bring about a new way of thinking about self-care and reignite the warrior spirit within our veteran communities. In the near future, we will also begin taking groups of veterans on outdoor expeditions throughout southern Oregon, building camaraderie, resilience, and empowerment in the backcountry. 

Additionally, we have aligned with a number of other non-profits in our community, as well as across the country, helping to raise thousands of dollars for good causes by donating our products to fundraising campaigns across the country.